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Natural dried mango manufacturer|supplier for import|export

This video clip explains how natural and healthy dried mango is manufactured at our factory. We are a manufacturer/supplier of high quality dried mango and other dried fruits including jackfruit, passion fruit, guava, soursop, apple, orange, pomelo peel, papaya, pineapple and so on. We use a heat-pump drying system so we can dry at low […]

High-quality dried jackfruit manufacturing using low temperature drying

we made a video clip to illustrate how dried jackfruit is different from jackfruit chips, how high quality dried jackfruit is manufactured at our factory, the nutritional value of soft dried jackfruit, and finally how we can cooperate together to bring this rising product to consumers.

Natural and high-quality dried passion fruit from Vietnam

In this video, we would like to share

– The health benefits of passion fruit,
– How we process dried passion fruit at our factory, and
– How you can partner with us in bringing this interesting product to consumers

Health benefits of pomelo peel

Peels of fruits have a natural function to protect the whole fruit. The peels contain various components protecting the fruits against solar radiation, weather changes, oxidation caused by oxygen, as well as the invasion of microorganisms (germs) and insects. If you wish to look for a dried pomelo peel as a snack, we have three […]

Why heat-pump drying technology maintains better nutritional value and taste and flavor of dried fruits?

Heat-pump drying system can be used to dry fruits at lower temperatures for a shorter time. This post will explains briefly the mechanisms of drying. It then points out the basic difference in working principles between heat-pump drying and conventional hot air drying. From there we can know why heat-pump technology helps process dried foods […]

Roasted Nuts | Nuts Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

Nuts are very tasty and easy to eat such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, walnuts, macadamias, and so on. Several studies have shown the benefits of nuts that keep you healthy. Besides, people love roasted nuts for its usage with other food. Why you should eat nuts or roasted nuts daily High nutritional content Nuts […]

Pineapple Cultivation in Vietnam – When and How Farmers Harvest Their Pineapples

In Vietnam, pineapple cultivation is common, spreading throughout the country. Each area has its own particular fertile and climate, making the methods and the times for harvesting various among the North, the Middle and the South. In this post we are referring to the Queen pineapple – the most popular pineapple variety grown in Vietnam. […]

Vietnam Queen Pineapple – A Gift From the Mekong River Delta

Pineapple is a tropical fruit originated from South America. Nowadays, we can find pineapple cultivation in most of countries with tropical climate, especially in Asia. Particularly, there are various types of pineapple such as Abacaxi pineapple, Queen pineapple, Smooth Cayenne type, etc. In Vietnam, farmers cultivate Queen pineapple widely and consider it a beneficial fruit. […]

5 Incredible Health benefits of Pineapple

Health Benefits of Pineapple Not only is pineapple a delicious tropical fruit but it is also an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and other helpful compounds. Therefor, eating or using pineapple can bring immense benefits to our health. Here are top 5 benefits of this spiny fruit you may not ignore: Boost immunity Pineapple has […]

Natural and healthier dried mango manufactured by low temperature drying

The factory of Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. is equipped with several drying technologies, including hot air circulation drying, infrared drying, and heat-pump drying. The later is so-called low temperature drying. Heat-pump (low temperature) drying system at Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. With this technology, the exhausted air from the drying room is in heat […]