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Natural dried mango manufacturer|supplier for import|export

This video clip explains how natural and healthy dried mango is manufactured at our factory. We are a manufacturer/supplier of high quality dried mango and other dried fruits including jackfruit, passion fruit, guava, soursop, apple, orange, pomelo peel, papaya, pineapple and so on. We use a heat-pump drying system so we can dry at low […]

High-quality dried jackfruit manufacturing using low temperature drying

we made a video clip to illustrate how dried jackfruit is different from jackfruit chips, how high quality dried jackfruit is manufactured at our factory, the nutritional value of soft dried jackfruit, and finally how we can cooperate together to bring this rising product to consumers.

Natural and high-quality dried passion fruit from Vietnam

In this video, we would like to share

– The health benefits of passion fruit,
– How we process dried passion fruit at our factory, and
– How you can partner with us in bringing this interesting product to consumers

Why heat-pump drying technology maintains better nutritional value and taste and flavor of dried fruits?

Heat-pump drying system can be used to dry fruits at lower temperatures for a shorter time. This post will explains briefly the mechanisms of drying. It then points out the basic difference in working principles between heat-pump drying and conventional hot air drying. From there we can know why heat-pump technology helps process dried foods […]

Natural and healthier dried mango manufactured by low temperature drying

The factory of Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. is equipped with several drying technologies, including hot air circulation drying, infrared drying, and heat-pump drying. The later is so-called low temperature drying. Heat-pump (low temperature) drying system at Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. With this technology, the exhausted air from the drying room is in heat […]

New & unique product: mixed fruit leather

R&D team of Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. has just finalized and done trial market tests of several fruit leather products. The products receive well acceptance from consumers and have a high potential to commercialize. One is made of mango only. The advantage of the fruit leather over the dried fruit is that the former […]

Fruit and nut bars, a great combination of taste, nutrients, and energy

When you feel tired or exhausted and need to provide your body with energy When you need to refresh your body with full of vitamins You wish to do that with a natural food with a lot of fibers and different types of minerals, and all that it should taste delicious Yes, there is a […]

Mango leather, a similar product like dried mango but more homogenous in texture and taste

Mango fruit leather is a similar product like soft dried mango. The structure and taste are more homogenous owing to the procedure it is processed.  The fruit pulp is chopped with some amount of sugar and an acidity regulator and the the mixture is spread on a tray for drying. The heat-pulp drying method (low […]

Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. is specialized on OEM of your private products

Either your business has been established and you need to expend your product categories or you are at the beginning of starting up your career with sale of healthy and nutritious dried fruits, like dried mango, dried jackfruit, dried passion fruit, and other dried tropical fruits and processed nuts, we can cooperate with you. Our […]

Welcome to

Welcome to visit our website. Vietnamdriedfruit belongs to Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd., a trusted manufacturer and trader of dried fruits and nuts and other agricultural products in Vietnam. Please check ABOUT US to know more about our group. We are a group of people who have knowledge in Food Science and Technology and motivated […]