Mango fruit leather developed by Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd

Mango fruit leather is a similar product like soft dried mango. The structure and taste are more homogenous owing to the procedure it is processed. 

The fruit pulp is chopped with some amount of sugar and an acidity regulator and the the mixture is spread on a tray for drying. The heat-pulp drying method (low temperature drying or cold drying technology) is applied and that the product is dried at lower temperature and the drying time is shorter. These advantages help produce a product of better nutritional and sensorial qualities  (color, taste, flavor). 

The fruit leather sheet can be cut into different sizes and then can packed in different types of packages. The mango fruit leather can be also chopped into small pieces for certain application like to be included in yogurt, cookies, cake filling, smoothies and so on. 

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