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Welcome to Vietnam dried fruit. We are a manufacturer and exporter of dried fruits including dried passion fruit, dried jackfruit, dried mango, dried guava, dried papaya, dried pomelo peel, and other dried tropical fruits.

In this video, we would like to share

  • The health benefits of passion fruit,
  • How we process dried passion fruit at our factory, and
  • How you can partner with us in bringing this product to consumers

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First, let us summarize the health-benefits of passion fruit Protection Status
 Passion fruit is known by the scientific name Passiflora edulis and is native to South America. There are two types of passion fruit the purple passion fruit and yellow passion fruit. 

The juice of purple passion fruit is sweeter than that of yellow passion fruit because the former contains a lower amount of organic acids, especially citric acid, and malic acid. The juice of the purple type is richer as well in aroma, flavor, and vitamin C content.

Traditionally, passion fruit has been used to treat patients with psychological problems such as anxiety, sleep disorder, as well as breathing-related problems. In Madeira, the juice of passion fruit is given as a digestive stimulant and is also used for the treatment of gastric cancer.

Purple passion fruit is not only sold commercially as a fruit or for its juice. Because it is nutritious and very rich in taste and flavor, its juice is also used as an ingredient to supplement other fruit juices, and other foods like candy, sherbet, wine, and so on.

The peel of passion fruit shouldn’t be discarded away. It is edible. It contains various bioactive components which are good for our health. Flavonoids, polyphenols, and anthocyanins in the peel act as an antioxidant and provide anti-inflammatory functions. Natural antioxidants remove free radicals in our bodies.

In a randomized, double-blind study with 33 osteoarthritis patients in 2010 Farid and colleagues from the USA and New Zealand found that people suffering from arthritis showed improved physical function significantly after taking 150 mg/ day of an extract from purple passion fruit peel for 30 days.

The components in the peel also help reduce asthma symptoms. This was shown in a study by Watson and colleagues from the University of Arizona in 2008 after letting 42 asthmatic subjects take 150 mg purple passion fruit peel extract daily for four weeks. Wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath considerably lessened in the majority of the patients.

Interestingly, the extract from the peel of purple passion fruit also helps reduce the blood pressure of hypertensive patients. This was shown in a 4-week randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind study with 30 patients, carried out by Zibadi and others in 2007. In 2013, Raju and others confirmed the effects of blood pressure reduction in 42 people who suffered from diabetic type II disease (z). These authors suggested passion fruit peel extract as a safe alternative treatment for hypertensive patients.       

Now, allow us to present briefly how dried passion fruit is manufactured at our factory

The passion fruits for processing at our factory are grown in the Highlands of Vietnam, including Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces. The altitudes of 600 to 800 meters above sea level, together with red basaltic soil provide the fruits a nice purple color and richness in nutrients and flavor. In fact, Vietnam passion fruits are becoming popular around the world for these characteristics.

Fruits of high quality and nice color are selected because the quality and color of the finished product depend on the fresh fruits.

The hard-outer layer is removed and the fruits are washed well before the juice is extracted and set aside. The soft mesocarp RIND layer is sliced into certain sizes and shapes.

A blanching step with boiling water is applied to make the RIND softer and to kill microorganisms. After being cooled down and drained of the excess water, the slices are mixed with a part of the passion fruit juice and seeds, sugar, and a small amount of citric acid as an acidity regulator.

After several hours of waiting for the ingredients to attain equilibrium, the product now is spread into trays for drying.

Depending on the products, we apply new technologies like low-temperature drying using a heat-pump drying system or infrared drying to maximize the preservation of the nutrients, color, and flavor of the products.

Dried passion fruit manufactured at Vietnam dried fruit factory

We leave some seeds in the product. We can remove all the seeds depending on our clients’ preferences. However, it is beneficial to health to eat some seeds. It provides fibers, proteins, and it is also very rich in essential fatty acids that our body cannot synthesize BUT can be taken from food, like linoleic acid and linolenic acid.

Finally, allow us tell you how you can partner with us in making this power food reach the consumers and also about other areas of collaboration with us

We process dried products according to BRC standard and ISO 22000 so the products can be exported to any countries in the world.

We can provide products in bulk packages. Our partners can do retail packaging before bringing the products to consumers.

We can also do OEM for their brands with retail packaging before shipping so our partners can focus on market development and distribution of the products. We can support the label design and outsource the packages.

In case you already have a distribution channel or you are new to this business and want to start up with dried fruits, you can partner with us in the distribution of our brand “Nonglamfood ~ preserving the value of nature

Nonglamfood dried pomelo peel, dried orange, crispy dried coconut, dried pomelo with passion fruit juice, dried jackfruit, and dried passion fruit

Moreover, we also have a strong Research &Development team as we are connected with Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City. So, if you wish to develop new food products or improve current products, you can also collaborate with us.

We can also partner with domestic and international investors to establish food manufacturing factories in Vietnam.

In case you need further information, you may reach us at any of these contact details shown on the screen.

Thank you.