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Soursop is one of the emerging fruits in the world because of its distinctive flavor and taste. Fresh soursop fruits of optimal ripeness from Mekong delta region are selected and advanced low-temperature drying is applied to preserve the natural flavor and nutrients occurring in the fresh fruits. Soursop is a unique fruit that fruit-lovers shouldn't ignore.

Apple is a popular fruit, having a wide range of taste from sweet to sour and cultivated throughout the world. A combination of apple and honey is an excellent choice for beneficial nutrients and taste. Dried apple with honey is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C. A serving size of 50 gram give 80% daily value of vitamin C. It is also rich in fibers and iron mineral.


Dried orange

Dried orange is processed from imported fresh navel oranges (from Australia). It is ready-to-eat snack. Little sugar is added to improve the taste and texture. Using low-temperature drying, this product supplies our body with a very high amount of vitamin C and fibers. It does not contains fat. We also provide naturally dried oranges to use as detox tea.