High-quality dried jackfruit manufacturing using low temperature drying

Dried Jackfruit

we made a video clip to illustrate how dried jackfruit is different from jackfruit chips, how high quality dried jackfruit is manufactured at our factory, the nutritional value of soft dried jackfruit, and finally how we can cooperate together to bring this rising dried tropical fruit to consumers.

Please watch the clip or see the detail subtitle below

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Welcome to Vietnam dried fruit. We are a manufacturer and exporter of dried tropical fruits including dried jackfruit, dried mango, dried passion fruit, dried guava, dried papaya, dried pomelo peel and other dried tropical fruits.

In this video we will know

  • the difference between soft dried jackfruit and crispy jackfruit chips
  • how high-quality dried jackfruit is manufactured using low temperature-drying technology at our factory
  • and, information on nutritional value of soft dried jackfruit

First, let us differentiate dried jackfruit from jackfruit chips

The latter is processed using vacuum FRYING with fats or oils, sometimes called shortening. The chips have a crispy texture and are, as other fried foods, crunchy and nice to eat. However, they give a substantial amount of fats and oils that are absorbed into the product during the frying process.

Here we see the nutrition fact of jackfruit chips. A serving of 60g has 6g total fats, which means 10% of the total weight. Such a serving, gives 15% of saturated fats of the recommended daily intake. Saturated fats are hard or solid fats which we are advised to reduce in our diet because of their negative effects on to our health.

Another point worth mentioning is that the high temperature during frying destroys Vitamin C which occurs naturally in the fresh fruit.

Dried jackfruit is often called soft-dried jackfruit. The word ‘soft’ added in front of the name is to emphasize the soft or chewy texture, to contrast it with the crispy texture of the chips. Dried jackfruit is processed employing a true drying process, in which a major part of water is removed from the fresh material and the dried product is stable for a long time.

A serving of 50 g of the dried jackfruit gives only 0.5% of saturated fats of the recommended daily intake. The number is too small and can be neglected.

Let us now discover how dried jackfruit are manufactured at our factory

Conventionally, drying is carried out with hot air. At our factory, we apply heat-pump drying technology. Aside from the drying chamber, this system is equipped with one or two mechanical refrigerators depending on the capacity. The refrigerators serve to reduce the temperature of the air coming out of the drying chamber and the water vapor is condensed into liquid water which is then removed. The air then becomes drier.  It is blown back into the drying chamber and because it is drier it can take moisture from the food faster without the need to heat it up to a very high temperature. This technology is called low-temperature drying. The process is also shorter. Because of those facts the product preserves better the nutrients and sensorial quality including the taste, the color, and the flavor.

Fresh jackfruit pulp spread on tray for drying using low temperature technology to preserve nutrients, and natural flavor and taste

And finally, what is special about jackfruit in term of nutritional value

Jackfruit is becoming popular in the world and it is considered a good alternative to animal meat and suits well with vegetarians.

Mekong delta region in Vietnam with special soil conditions produce jackfruit of pure flavor and rich in nutrients.

A serving of 50g of soft-dried jackfruit, according to the recommended daily intake, gives 30% vitamin C, more than 10% of dietary fibers, 7% potassium, 3% iron, and 4% magnesium. Vitamin C strengthens body immunity. Fibers provide many health-beneficial effects including lowering fat and cholesterol absorption. Too bad, most of us do not intake enough fibers. Potassium mineral is helpful for blood pressure balance while other minerals give certain positive health effects.

We manufacture both natural dried jackfruit without added sugar and soft-dried jackfruit with a certain amount of sugar added depending on the market preference and demand. The processing practice are in accordance with BRC standard and ISO 22000 standard so the products can be exported to all countries in the world.

Nonglamfood dried jackfruit in small aluminum pouch for distribution domestically and internationally
Nonglamfood dried jackfruit in paper box package

We can provide products in bulk packages or we can do OEM for your brand. Besides, we have our own brand “NongLamFood ~ preserving the value of nature” in case our partners would like to cooperate in the distribution. Thank you very much for watching, and please contact us in case you would need further information.